Apple AirPod Allegedly Explodes, Apple Investigating

Apple AirPod Allegedly Explodes, Apple Investigating

Apple's AirPods may be at risk of exploding, if one Florida man's experiences are anything to go by. Originally brought to light via WFLA in Tampa, Colon was in the midst of his regular workout routine at a nearby gym when he first noticed "white smoke billowing out".

"I didn't see it happen, but I mean, it was already fried", he told WFLA. It was already popped.

"I don't know what would've happened to my ear but I'm sure since it hangs down, [my] ear lobe could've been burnt".

In this case, the man showed the AirPods to WFLA, a local TV news station, and the earphone in question appears to have some flame damage and does look severely mangled.

While we have experienced many situations where devices such as smartphones would blow up, the majority of them were the Galaxy Note 7 devices.

Airpods expoding

This is not the first time that a popular electronic product has hit the headlines for exploding. It is being further reported that the Air-pods began smoking while the user was working out and listening to some music.

Apple says it is investigating the claims, which could have resulted in serious burns had the man not quickly removed the allegedly faulty gadget, according to the Daily Mail. This is something to worry about, with tech giants like Apple and Samsung failing to provide a fool proof solution something needs to be done to assure the safety of the consumers.

For more on this, check out the full story here.

The tiny pieces of Apple AirPods fit into Jason Colon's hand.

We will keep you updated if any further comment is released by Apple or the user makes any comment on the incident.

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