'Charles in Charge' star: Scott Baio's 'abuse was unrelenting'

'Charles in Charge' star: Scott Baio's 'abuse was unrelenting'

On Wednesday, February 14, Alexander Polinsky held a press conference with lawyer Lisa Bloom and accused former Charles in Charge co-star Scott Baio of sexual harassment, assault, verbal abuse, and homophobic bullying.

Eggert told NBC last month that Baio manipulated her into intercourse when she was 17.

Polinsky spoke to United States media at a press conference organised by his lawyer Lisa Bloom; Bloom is also representing Polinsky's co-star Nicole Eggert in her allegations against Baio.

Scott Baio isn't going down without a fight! In his statement, Polinksy said he witnessed Baio acting "sexual in nature" with Eggert when she was 14 and sitting on his lap.

"Scott told me of his sexually conquests with young girls and co-stars of the show", he said. Scott Baio was a hero to me. "I ask you, I implore you, to call your representatives and ask for more safety and care for our working youth and ask for the people who abuse kids to be exposed, punished and prevented from doing so again".

Polinsky referred to Baio's behavior as "sexual-themed hazing".

"Scott Baio began a pattern of abuse that was unrelenting. Mr. Baio repeatedly told me about homosexual sex acts that he told me I would grow up to perform", Polinsky said. Polinsky said he "misjudged" the situation, and when he himself tried to jump in Baio's lap, Baio allegedly shoved him off and called him a gay slur.

As for Polinsky's claim that he was sexually harassed and even physically assaulted on the set when he was 11 and 12, Baio's team says there were hundreds of people on the set yet no one reported any act of abuse.

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"One of the most painful memories of my childhood was when Scott and I were backstage waiting to enter the set for a scene".

Alexander also alleges Baio once assaulted him by throwing "a burning hot cup of tea in my face".

Polinsky told USA media that members of the crew were aware of the situation but took no action because they feared losing their jobs. In addition to denying all of the allegations, the reps went on to attack Nicole Eggert and Alex Polinsky's attorney, Lisa Bloom, for representing Harvey Weinstein. "I am hurt and I am angry". I will use every ounce of strength and faith in God that I have to defeat the people behind this. This story is just beginning to be told.

Both Eggert and Polinksy said they are not interested in money and do not plan to file a civil suit. As for Eggert's demand for an apology, they say Scott will not apologize for things he never did.

Polinsky's accusations added to those of his former co-star, Nicole Eggert, 46, who claims Baio and she were sexually intimate when she was underage.

Polinksy is now also accusing Baio of sexual harassment and abuse.

He has admitted to having sex with Eggert, but said this happened after she turned 18 and that she seduced him.

The series Charles in Charge aired between 1984 and 1990; in the wake of his fame from the iconic comedy Happy Days, at the time Baio was arguably at the height of his celebrity power.