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Dangerous, violent, worrying moment in Syria — UN envoy

Dangerous, violent, worrying moment in Syria — UN envoy

"By failing to anticipate the threat from saturation attacks by Syrian-based air defenses - however antiquated those SA-5 and SA-17 missiles, might have been - Israel suffered not only the loss of its first fighter to enemy fire in 36 years, but a serious blow to its carefully crafted and well-earned aura of invincibility", as reported in Defense News.

In acknowledging Jerusalem's fear of chemical spillover into the Golan Heights, the cable directed the envoys to convey that "it must be made clear that such an incident would require Israel to respond in the strongest possible terms".

A senior Iranian official said on Wednesday that Iran's military presence in Syria was legitimate and based on the invitation of Damascus, and called on USA forces to leave the country.

An unconscious Syrian child receives treatment at a hospital in Khan Sheikhun, a rebel-held town in the northwestern Syrian Idlib province, following a suspected toxic gas attack on April 4, 2017. "We'll do whatever it takes to protect the safety of Israel". "But then again, Russian Federation was also supposed to guarantee that all chemical weapons would be removed from Syria".

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On February 1, Washington said Assad's regime could be making new chemical weapons and warned it was considering fresh strikes against the regime.

On Feb. 10 Iran sent a drone into Israeli territory. For some time, Israelis have seethed over Iran's ever-deepening presence in Syria.

Israel's Ambassador to the United Nations, Danny Danon, reaffirmed Haley's remarks on Twitter, urging the worldwide community to ensure Iran doesn't entrench itself in Syria.

"We are seeing (Iranians) continuing to invest billions in missiles and trying to settle in Syria", he continued. In turn, Syrian anti-aircraft managed to shoot down an Israeli aircraft that crashed in Northern Israel. Israel however destroyed almost half of President Bashar Assad's air defenses, according to military estimates.