Figure skater Yura Min suffers wardrobe malfunction

Figure skater Yura Min suffers wardrobe malfunction

Although a hook on the back of her dress pulled loose, the figure skater, representing South Korea, managed to carry on with her routine as she performed a series of improvisations, such as pulling her arms back on occasion, while dancing with partner Alexander Gamelin.

Min, an American citizen who trains at Novi Ice Arena in MI, suffered a wardrobe malfunction as she competed in the team event for South Korea in Pyeongchang on Sunday.

"I was like, 'Oh no!'" she told the paper. Unfortunately for Yura Min, it didn't quite happen that way for her. That's exactly what she and her partner did, as they continued on with the routine and finished it off. I was terrified the entire program.

The skater, a dual citizen of South Korea and the United States, told the Detroit Free Press that the hook on her top came undone just seconds into her routine. "I went from the beginning to the end. The whole time in the back of my head I was just thinking: 'Keep your back straight because it might come down".

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She will compete together again in the individual pairs competition. "I only noticed it halfway through".

While competing in the figure skating team event, she only paused once while performing synchronized side-by-side spins, or twizzles, when her top began slipping forward off her shoulders.

"The second we stepped onto the ice, the fans started to scream and I think we really fed off that energy", she said. "It wasn't because we were skating poorly".

Riedell Shoes, Inc., is among the companies that sponsor both Min and Gamelin, who will return to the rink on February 19 for the individual ice dance competition.