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Prayer service to be held for Grand Canyon crash victims

Prayer service to be held for Grand Canyon crash victims

"There was a helicopter, flames, smoke", he said.

A Papillon helicopter was previously involved in a fatal Grand Canyon crash in 2001.

Another three passengers - including Jason's girlfriend - and the pilot, survived after spending the night in critical condition at the bottom of a mile-deep valley in a 80 Kph storm.

The helicopter pilot, 42-year-old Scott Booth, severely injured a limb.

The injured have been identified as Jennifer Barham, 39, and newlyweds Ellie Milward, 29, and Jonathan Udall, 32. "We need to address this immediately to try and prevent future needless injury or death".

'They and a group of friends had all flown out to celebrate Stuart's birthday and it was part of the trip for them to all go on a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon. That's not the case on the Hualapai (WAHL'-uh-peye) reservation. It notes that it "abides by flight safety rules and regulations that substantially exceed the regulations required by the Federal Aviation Administration".

TEDDY FUJIMOTO SAFE: A woman ran for her life from the blazing helicopter which crashed into the Grand Canyon "They were really happy together, they were always going out and doing things, just enjoyed being with each other".

Ms. Kineally, who has more than 35 years of nursing experience, slid down the rocky slope to reach the crash site.

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The family of other survivor Jon Udall today said the 32-year-old was alive in hospital following the crash. Air Safety Inspector Stephen Stein says investigators want to talk with anyone who may have seen the Papillon Airways chopper before it went down over the weekend in the Grand Canyon.

Mr Stein would not speculate on what may have caused the crash, though he said a preliminary report will be ready in the coming days. In spite of FAA-imposed restrictions, the WUSA9 story continues, critics of helicopter tours "argue that packed flight schedules often leave little time for routine maintenance and inspections, and tour-flight companies don't pay enough to attract top-tier pilots".

It states on its website that it provides "the only way to tour the Grand Canyon" and claims to be "the world's largest aerial sightseeing company".

Jason Hill, 32, his brother Stuart, 30, and Stuart's girlfriend, Becky Dobson, 27, all perished when the Eurocopter EC130 exploded in a fireball in the Nevada desert Saturday.

Landing pads sit upstream and downstream from where the copter owned by Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters crashed Saturday, constantly ferrying people on and off aircraft.

The FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board will be investigating.

They were airlifted to University Medical Center in Las Vegas early Sunday morning, about eight hours after the crash occurred.

The Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters chopper crashed under unknown circumstances Saturday evening on the Hualapai Nation's land by the Grand Canyon's West Rim Hualapai Nation Police Chief says navigating the rugged terrain in the dark made it hard for first- responders to reach the helicopter's wreckage.