Samsung halts Oreo rollout for the Galaxy S8 due to 'unexpected reboots'

Samsung halts Oreo rollout for the Galaxy S8 due to 'unexpected reboots'

The reason behind the halt is still unknown. However, there's no specific timeline mentioned by the company as of yet.

Last week, Samsung officially started rolling out its 487MB Android Oreo update to Galaxy S8 owners after several months of beta testing.

Agreed. We want those issues to be dealt with and worked on so we do not encounter (as many) bugs when we download the update. After a long beta testing, nearly for around three months to be specific, the company started to roll out the final version, only to stop after a few days.

KitGuru Says: Are many of you now using a Samsung Galaxy S8? The latest Android version managed to reach some regions including India, USA, Turkey, France and Poland.

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While the official announcement of the new Samsung Galaxy S9 is still some days away, it seems we know a lot more than we might normally hope, both officially and unofficially. Now Samsung is revealing why: it was causing some phones to randomly reboot, according to a statement given to SamMobile.

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It's unclear when the Oreo update will return at this point, but it's not like Samsung was quick to release it in the first place. Only a limited amount of cases were reported, but it was enough for the company to stop seeding devices with the software and work on a newer version of the update to push out. Samsung initially began the over-the-air (OTA) rollout for users in Germany, and then expanded it to additional global markets.