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'We don't have a flu season,' Texas televangelist Gloria Copeland says

'We don't have a flu season,' Texas televangelist Gloria Copeland says

Although Texas is suffering from an incredible deadly flu outbreak, a Texas televangelist is telling viewers there's no such thing as flu season. "Jesus himself gave us the flu shot", Copeland said on January 31 in a Facebook video on the Kenneth Copeland Ministries Facebook page.

To Copeland, the wife of self-proclaimed billionaire televangelist Kenneth Copeland, "the flu is not a season we have around here because Jesus bore all our sickness on the cross". "You've got cancer. The bad news is we don't know what to do about it - except give you some poison that will make you sicker", Copeland said in the clip.

While health officials continue to urge people to get flu shots during a season that has been marked by widespread illness, Copeland told followers that faith in Christ is all that's really needed. "And don't receive it when somebody threatens you with, 'Everybody's getting the flu.' We've already had our shot". The others may have had at least one vaccination but had no documentation. "Go do it, go do it, you know, go do it and go in faith".

According to a former member of the Copeland church: "To get a vaccine would have been viewed by me and my friends and my peers as an act of fear-that you doubted God would keep you safe... That's the way it's supposed to be", she said. Yes, you heard it right.

The 2017-18 flu season has temporarily shut down school districts and sent many people to emergency rooms and urgent care centers.

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But "not everyone with flu will have a fever", according to the CDC.

A controversial minister linked to President Donald Trump said flu shots aren't necessary when you have Jesus.

As a member of the President's advisory board, formed in early 2016 to help tackle issues that matter to various Christian denominations, it's quite possible her ideas about the flu season could make it to him.

Copeland offered a quick prayer for people already suffering from symptoms of the flu, before reiterating that the flu shot is unnecessary. "And No. 2, because they don't do what that Word tells them to do".