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Days After Construction Completes, FIU Pedestrian Bridge Collapses

Days After Construction Completes, FIU Pedestrian Bridge Collapses

A pedestrian bridge spanning several lanes of traffic has collapsed at Florida International University in Miami-Dade County, trapping people and cars underneath the structure, with local media saying several people have been killed.

The pedestrian bridge was installed Saturday at Florida International University in the Miami area.

A new pedestrian bridge collapsed onto a highway at a Miami-area college Thursday, crushing at least five vehicles.

Several people have been killed and up to seven cars have been crushed after a brand-new pedestrian bridge collapsed on to a motorway in Florida.

- Weight - 950 tons- Largest pedestrian bridge move via Self-Propelled Modular Transportation, in USA history, according to senior project manager Rodrigo Isaza, from MCM, which partnered with FIGG Bridge Engineers to design and build the bridge.

The bridge, still under construction, was created to connect the university campus to the city of Sweetwater, and crosses Southwest Eighth Street, a major road that stretches from downtown Miami to the far western reaches of the county.

"Our fearless first responders are working feverishly to save lives", she said at a news briefing.

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Munilla Construction Management (MCM) - the company that was hired to build the bridge - tweeted a statement in response to the collapse that reads in part: "Our family's thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by this bad tragedy". The main part of the 174-foot span was assembled by the side of the road while support towers were built at either end.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott issued a statement that he had spoken with Perez, whose agency dispatched homicide detectives to the scene, which occurs during all mass casualty events. He will be on the school's campus this evening to speak with local law enforcement and university officials, his office said. "It sounded continuous. We thought something had fallen, but it was the bridge that collapsed".

Figg Bridge Engineers submitted plans for a new, privately-funded South Norfolk Jordan Bridge that were approved on January 27, 2009. A partner at the firm, Jesse Grimson, told BuzzFeed "we did some work on the bridge during the move".

Sen. Rubio also sent a letter asking the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) to address the "bridge's design, construction, and ultimate failure" while it conducts its investigation. Figg is responsible for the iconic Skyway bridge across Tampa Bay.

Last year, the Miami Herald reported that a FIU student was killedwhile crossing Southwest Eighth Street.

A statement from the university that Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) technology was used in the construction of the pedestrian bridge. "Our entire team mourns the loss of life and injuries associated with this devastating tragedy, and our prayers go out to all involved". Most of its students live off-campus.