Death of puppy on United flight prompts USA agency probe

Death of puppy on United flight prompts USA agency probe

Airline officials say it was a mistake.

According to fellow passenger Maggie Gremminger, the woman wanted to keep the dog, which was in a small carrying bag, under her seat, but the flight attendant insisted that she put the animal overhead.

Animal rights group PETA called for the flight attendant involved in the incident to be fired and charged with animal cruelty in the dog's "horrific, terrifying death".

A criminal probe has been launched into a puppy's death aboard a United Airlines plane after a flight attendant ordered its owners to stow their pet carrier in an overhead bin.

Following extensive backlash on social media, the airline announced that starting in April it will begin issuing bright yellow tags for passengers traveling with pets in carriers to avoid such a mix-up from taking place in the future.

The U.S. Department of Transportation and Federal Aviation Administration both say they are looking into the case. "I don't know what else to do at this point".

"We couldn't stand up because there was a lot of turbulence so we weren't allowed to".

"If you read the literature, they tell you that you're not entitled to have your animal with you on the same flight that you're on", said Roe.

Sophia said when she discovered the dog had died, the flight attendant tried to claim she hadn't realised the French Bulldog was in the bag.

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"We assume full responsibility for this tragedy and express our deepest condolences to the family and are committed to supporting them", the airline said in a statement.

Just recently a flight attendant of the airline kept a crate that had a dog in it in the overhead bin of the aircraft.

In November, a college student who was flying home to Miami said an employee for Spirit Airlines refused to let her board with her miniature hamster, Pebbles, suggesting instead that she flush the creature down a toilet.

In the latest incident, Kara Swindle, who flew with her children from OR to Kansas City on Tuesday, went to a cargo facility to pick up their 10-year-old German shepherd Irgo, but found a Great Dane instead, according to Kansas City's KCTV.

The girl described the moments after her mother realized that the dog had died.

Robledo's daughter who was also onboard has recounted her version of the incident, claiming the flight attendant ignored their concerns the puppy would not be able to breathe in the locker. Reportedly, the dog's barking could be clearly heard after the aircraft took off. The airline promised an investigation "to prevent this".

Of course, there are two sides to every story and we haven't heard a first-hand account from the flight attendant - and we are unlikely ever to.

"I will be filing a bill tomorrow that will prohibit airlines from putting animals in overhead bins". The airline carried about 27 percent of the total number of animals transported by air in the USA last year, according to DOT.

Those figures represent animals that die in cargo holds.