Driver Flees Car Crash Despite Sledgehammer Being Swung At Him

Driver Flees Car Crash Despite Sledgehammer Being Swung At Him

Several people, including one armed with a sledgehammer, allegedly attacked a fellow motorist suspected of hitting several cars with his SUV before fleeing, according to ABC Miami affiliate WPLG-TV.

He was ordered held on $6,000 during a court appearance on Monday when he appeared shaky.

A hit-and-run driver's vehicle was attacked by an angry mob who battered it with sledgehammers after he tried to flee the scene of a huge crash.

The driver of the SUV, whose name was not released, was found and taken into custody.

Maxwell Lagutenko, 25, was later charged in the crash that happened near Northeast 34th Street.

Cellphone video captured the intense confrontation between an alleged hit-and-run driver and onlookers who tried to stop him from leaving and used a sledgehammer to bust his SUV windows.

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The latter charge came after an officer pursued Lagutenko for a short time but cut off the pursuit because of the city's no chase policy in the event of non-violent crimes, according to the arrest report obtained by NBC. "You know, you have a crash, you stop".

When officers booked Lagutenko, he seemed to be "high on narcotics", officers wrote.

Witnesses said they were shocked that Lagutenko wouldn't stay at the scene.

The arrest report said Lagutenko seemed to be under the influence of drugs.

However, he asked the judge to lower the bond. He now has a total of 20 traffic citations in Miami-Dade County over the last eight years. They urge people to call police with a description of the vehicle. It's better to call police.