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Flu Activity Continues To Decline In Connecticut, But Still Widespread

Flu Activity Continues To Decline In Connecticut, But Still Widespread

Cabaj said the flu vaccine target set by Alberta Health this season was 35 per cent of the population - a goal that hasn't yet been reached. The percentage of outpatient visits for influenza-like illness fell from 6.4% during the previous week to 5.0%.

The CDC reported 17 new pediatric flu deaths in week 8, bringing the total this season to a staggering 114.

The latest data released by Alberta Health Services on Thursday indicates that in addition to the 27 people who died in Calgary after becoming infected with influenza, there were 19 deaths in the Edmonton zone, 18 in the central zone, eight in the north and six in the south. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said flu season also peaked nationwide last month. The antiviral prescription medication Tamiflu is recommended to treat and prevent the flu, but shortages of the antiviral prescription drug during this severe flu season have helped fuel counterfeit drug sales.

A total of 2,273 patients have been hospitalized with confirmed cases of flu between August 27, 2017 and March 3, 2018.

Legitimate online pharmacies do exist and will fill prescriptions, including Tamiflu, though the new warning encourages consumers to buy prescription drugs from local pharmacies.

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Egg-based manufacturing processes have been used to develop flu vaccines for more than 70 years (reported by CDC), however, the alternative methods - cell and recombinant - have also been approved for use by regulatory bodies and do not suffer the same limitations found with eggs.

As this flu season continues to ease, state health departments continue to issue local reports. The most recent deaths are all in the age group 50 years and older.

Among the 112 deaths in the state, 91 were among patients over the age of 65.

GlobalData reports the need to shift away from egg-based manufacturing of vaccines in light of influenza-related deaths.

The most recent national statistics show CT is among 45 states where flu is considered widespread this year.