Mario can now guide your route in Google Maps

Mario can now guide your route in Google Maps

Because of this, we often see Mario make the jump to mainstream promotions that exist outside the world of gaming.

Later, some Google Maps users began reporting that they could turn their app into "Mario mode" in honor of "Mario Day", which is celebrated on March 10.

Mario fans, it's time to start your engines and update your Google Maps. "A new yellow "?" icon will appear next to destinations, which will enable Mario to become the navigation arrow in his kart and accompany you along your commute.

For those unfamiliar with this most important of holidays, March 10 has been designated as Mario Day, seemingly for no other reason than the date can be styled as "MAR10".

Mario Google Maps

That's about it as far as this feature's functionality is concerned, but then again, there's a good reason for that. Google Maps users will be able to navigate through their day, not as just a simple dot on the map, but as Nintendo's own Mario driving along in his famous go-kart, as Google details on its blog.

Super Mario Run can be found on both Google Play and the Apple App Store.

"Mario Time" will be available all week, and it's rolling out to all users globally starting today.

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