Ronda Rousey was missing from WWE Raw

Ronda Rousey was missing from WWE Raw

While it's obviously disappointing for anyone who bought tickets for the Raw events to see Rousey, her absence can actually be a blessing for the company in one way. There's still three shows before WrestleMania 34 on March 8th, and a few more showdowns between Rousey and The Authority would have likely dampened hype for her debut rather than escalated it.

The two men are scheduled to go one on one at Wrestlemania for the WWE Championship, and Shinsuke says he will achieve his dream, which is hitting Styles with a knee to the face.

It looks like Rousey has been pulled from more upcoming episodes of Monday Night Raw, as she's now only being advertised for the April 2nd episode from Atlanta, Georgia. WWE legends Brock Lesnar and CM Punk both made the journey - with varying degrees of success - so it isn't beyond the realm of possibility that the 31-year-old Rousey could one day do the same. The announcement of Rousey appearing on every Raw leading to WrestleMania was posted across all social media platforms because each department saw it was posted online and didn't have any reason to believe they couldn't.

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Rousey will team up with Monday Night RAW General Manager and WWE Hall Of Famer Kurt Angle to take on WWE COO Triple H and RAW Commissioner Stephanie McMahon in a Mixed Tag Team match. Ronda said that was fine but then demanded an apology from McMahon.

That will officially serve as her in-ring debut for the sports entertainment organization.

Do you think Ronda Rousey will ever entertain another fight in the UFC or is her career finished?