Utica mom charged with leaving child crawling on city street

Utica mom charged with leaving child crawling on city street

The nine-month-old boy was found by strangers on Bleecker Street on Friday night.

"That's my baby. That's my baby", she said, over and over again.

A woman from upstate NY was charged with child endangerment after a video surfaced on social media showing her nine-month-old child crawling alone in the middle of a busy roadway, reports said Sunday.

That mother has been identified has 27-year-old Ledrika E. Ford. Ford said she wasn't sure.

In a statement released on Saturday morning, Utica Police said Ford told officers that she and an unnamed relative were unsure as to how her infant ended up on the street. When she looked in the back seat of the auto, the baby wasn't there, police said.

Police said Ford then immediately returned to Bleecker Street and reunited with her child, which could also be heard in the video filmed by Rn Jay.

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It was only after realizing (but when???) that the child wasn't there (after the child managed to open the door???), Ford returning to the area of Pellettieri Ave. and Bleecker St. where she encountered the crowd and retrieved the boy.

The baby was evaluated at a local hospital, and Child Protective Services was notified. Photos obtained by the Mirror attributed to the social networking site showed her sitting on a couch, flanked by three girls with braids in their hair, and holding a baby boy in the crook of her arm.

Ford is due in court on March 23. If convicted, she could be sentenced to a year in prison.

But some of those rescuers remained outraged. After several hours, police were able to locate 27-year-old Ledrika Ford on the 500 block of Milgate Street, in Utica.

In a heart-wrenching video taken by a bystander, the small baby can be seen crying as she lies in the middle of the road by herself.

"I don't care what the problem was or how it happen main rule is to never leave your child's side at a baby stage like that never".