WWE Fastlane Results, Recap, and Spoilers

WWE Fastlane Results, Recap, and Spoilers

I'm sure he will get around to it eventually but at this rate, he's kept coming back every WrestleMania for years and he might not be done yet.

CBS Sports will be with you the entire way Sunday night with live results, grades and highlights of WWE Fastlane.

The New Day and The Usos were on pace to have another fantastic match, but the Bludgeon Brothers appeared and demolished both teams.

The Artist vs. the artist formerly known as Alexander was about what you'd expect.

With WrestleMania - the WWE's biggest event of the year - less than a month away, there are still many questions remaining as to how the event's card will end up looking like.

That said, Nakamura's WWE tenure outside NXT has been aimless.

It's all happening on the blue team. DON DAVIES: AJ Styles will retain his championship so that his match with Shinsuke Nakmura will remain intact.

The show opened with a gruelling match between Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura.

Diving even deeper into his background as a wrestler in Japan and his time as a mixed martial artist would help tremendously in letting the WWE Universe see why he is such a unsafe competitor in addition to being an entertaining character. With WWE becoming so Ronda Rousey-centric, it's been all too easy to forget talented wrestlers on the roster. When he's not, his ring work suffers.

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My gut feeling is that we will see The Undertaker foil Cena's plans.

Hit DDT and/or signature backbreaker.

In a seemingly "meaningless" sequence, Randy Orton intercepts Bobby Roode out of midair to hit his signature RKO, then he pins Roode in the center of the ring. It was very good, and it didn't exactly have the predictable ending, either.

After the match Jinder Mahal attacked the Viper.

The match also worked because both guys are equally physical, and it was a hard-hitting affair. A win will send him to WM in a highly anticipated match with Shinsuke Nakamura.

-The WWE Cruiserweight Championship tournament finals.

This was the type of back and forth match Nakamura was having when he first got called up, which didn't save him well at all (he should have been blowing through the lower card instead of going 20 mins with Ziggler).

What's next: Who knows, really? The Women's Champion forced Riott to tap via her "Figure Eight" submission move to retain the title.

" The tag-title match ended in a no contest". While I don't mean to discourage the athleticism and skill of the men involved, I simply don't see the outcome of this match being any kind of surprise. He beat Rusev to open Fastlane in a match that made both men look great.