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Benefits of Brexit divergence 'vastly outweighed' by costs, claims CBI

Benefits of Brexit divergence 'vastly outweighed' by costs, claims CBI

A Government spokesman said: "We want the broadest and deepest possible partnership - covering more sectors and co-operating more fully than any Free Trade Agreement anywhere in the world today".

Based on "thousands of conversations" with United Kingdom businesses and trade associations, CBI's Smooth Operations report sets out the key "rules that will matter after the transition period", covering 23 sectors of the United Kingdom economy. This will last until 31 December 2020, when the final arrangements agreed between the two sides will kick in.

"In the future relationship we should commit to no lowering of the standards of environmental protection", Barnier told a meeting on the environment organised by the European Parliament.

Negotiations are under way between the two sides, but the United Kingdom has already said it plans to leave the single market, which provides for frictionless trade across borders and involves the free movement of people between member states.

Barnier said he hoped Gove and his colleagues would clarify their position as Brexit negotiations continued.

Which means that during the transition/implementation phase the United Kingdom could change its mind - quite significantly - about what it wants and then negotiate on that basis. We also doubt the European Union will still be around by then either.

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On the current trajectory, the United Kingdom will be out of the EU in 2019 but the arguments about whether it should remain in the customs union and the single market could carry on right up until a deal on the future relationship is sealed.

Stephen Hurley, Senior Lawyer and Head of Brexit Planning at BT Group, said: "The current United Kingdom regulatory framework, which is grounded in EU law and ensures an important role for the EU Commission, has worked well for the most part and has been successful in delivering substantial investment and effective competition in the United Kingdom across a wide variety of markets".

But he warned at the European Parliament on Tuesday that the EU would be "extremely vigilant" in policing any attempts by the United Kingdom to cut its rules and regulations in a bid to gain a competitive advantage over its neighbours.

Former UKIP head of press and now secretary to the Museum of Brexit Gawain Towler said of the initiative Tuesday that there are dozens of academic organisations and bodies devoted to studying the march towards integration, but none looking at the more recent phenomenon of nations distancing themselves from the bloc.

Speaking in Dublin, Donald Tusk said the UK's departure from the EU was "one of the saddest moments in twenty-first century European history".