Body cam footage released of police encounter with YouTube shooter

Body cam footage released of police encounter with YouTube shooter

Eleven hours later on April 3, police in San Bruno said the 39-year-old was the person who shot employees at YouTube headquarters about 25 miles away.

She posted videos under the online name Nasime Sabz, and a website in that name decried YouTube's policies, saying the company was trying to "suppress" content creators.

As such, our officers are constantly cognizant of this dynamic and in this context, look to strike the balance between investigative police work and maintaining the civil liberties of those that they contact.

A female cop asks: 'Are you taking any type of medication at all?' "You are reported as missing - as missing from San Diego", the officer said. Aghdam responded, "No." Police asked her if she planned to hurt herself or others, and she said "no" to all these questions.

Aghdam: Shakes her head no. They then asked her if she wanted to commit suicide, and she again shook her head. Aghdam told the officer she left San Diego because she wasn't getting along with her father and that she wasn't planning on going back.

Aghdam was reportedly angry with the YouTube because it had stopped paying her for her videos.

Police have not identified the officer in the video.

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He communicated the interaction with the father and when he understood the two hung up.

Mountain View PD officers probed the vegan bodybuilder about why she was sleeping in her vehicle hours before she opened fire on the web giant's nearby campus. The father suggested that may have been one of the reasons she was in the area.

In releasing the body camera footage, Mountain View police said the department had confirmed that San Bruno authorities no longer needed the video as part of their investigation into the attack. TIMELINE: Nasim Aghdam's movements leading up to YouTube HQ shootingThe video shows how the officer first had his dispatcher obtain more information from San Diego County where Aghdam had been reported by her family as missing.

Police also checked the Armed and Prohibited Persons System (APPS), which cross references records of persons who lawfully purchased handguns and/or registered assault weapons with records of persons who have become prohibited from owning and possessing firearms. In the video, Aghdam is seen asleep in the back seat.

Mountain View police defended how they handled the situation.

Eventually the officers told Aghdam they would notify her father and say was found safe and does not want to be contacted.

"Our officers followed proper procedure and protocol".