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Comey claims Russians may have compromising information on Trump

Comey claims Russians may have compromising information on Trump

After a rough back and forth interview on CNN, #Kellyanne Conway made a decision to continue her thoughts on Twitter.

Conway insisted that Comey testified that nobody ever asked him to drop an investigation, but Stephanopoulos cut in: "I have to stop you there, because that is not correct either".

As director of the FBI, James Comey was in office from January 20, 2017, to May 9, 2017.

Comey, who maintains that both he and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are impartial, has said during congressional testimony that he was uncomfortable with the President's desire to meet with him alone and his alleged request for Comey's personal loyalty.

Second, um, what? Conway said, "This guy swung an election".

These issues were discussed [VIDEO] during a heated April 16 edition of "New Day" on CNN with Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway joining host #Chris Cuomo.

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"All Jim Comey had to do was keep his mouth shut. It was sarcastic", she reportedly said. "He could just ignore all of this".

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway said Monday that James Comey "swung" the 2016 presidential election, seemingly meaning President Donald Trump wouldn't have beaten Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton without the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director's controversial actions days before the election. Conway wasn't pleased and sarcastically responded "oh, Comey can just say what he wants?" while adding, "Don't just throw out sound bytes to go viral without letting me finish the sentence".

Shortly after the long-time Trump advisor's comments began to make the rounds online, Conway slammed the backlash as "misleading", and attempted to reshape her argument as one doubting Comey's ability to swing an election.

"I think it's possible".

"If you're really anxious about counter-terrorism and alleged Russian interference and you don't know the president-elect - get up to Trump Tower like everybody else did and sit down and brief the man sooner", she said. "As I said dozens of time, Hillary, not Comey, is why Hillary lost", she wrote.