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CPM rules out alliance with Congress, but to have 'understanding'

CPM rules out alliance with Congress, but to have 'understanding'

"I will say is agreed agreed to redraft and what is emerged is very clear enunciation of political line of the CPI-M", she said when asked if the minority view presented by General Secretary Sitaram Yechury was rejected.

At the conclusion of the 22 Congress, the party also elected a new 95-member central committee unanimously.

The Karat-led faction supported by the Kerala unit of the CPI (M) had been steadfastly opposed to so much as a political understanding with the congress.

The CPI (M) leader demanded that the Central government find a solution to stop such ghastly incidents, by changing its policies.

"So there is no question that this political line in any way advocates anything other than what we have been saying all along", she said.

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The report revealed the girl was likely raped before being killed as her private parts bore a sharp injury mark. In this week only, three minors have been raped in Uttar Pradesh's Etah, Gujarat's Surat and Chhattisgarh.

Meanwhile, the party congress on Saturday passed three resolutions supporting introduction of the Women's Reservation Bill in the Parliament, condemning the rape and murders at Kathua and Unnao, and also implementation of laws in favour of differently abled persons.

The line "however, this has to be done without having an understanding or electoral alliance with the Congress Party" was dropped from the draft political resolution and replaced with a new clause "but this has to be done without having a political alliance with the Congress Party".

Seeking to play down the rift and attributing it to inner-party democracy, Brinda said, "CPM is not a monolithic, one-thought party". However the resolution ruled out any electoral alliance with the party.

"There can be an understanding with all secular opposition parties, including the Congress, in Parliament on agreed issues. However, due to their blind hatred towards the congress, the CPI (M) Kerala unit failed to see the writing on the wall", he wrote. "The Central Committee decided that since this is a political issue it should be decided in the highest body of the party-the party Congress", he said. "We take forward the Visakhapatnam Party Congress resolution that we need a broad mobilization of all democratic and secular forces against communalism", it said further. They knew that in the event of a secret ballot, many of their members would vote for the Yechury line, showing them as weak despots.

Karat's supporters held the view that even though the CPI (M) should unite all "secular" parties under a single umbrella against the saffron party, it should not ally with the Congress.