Fortnite, the Video Game Industry's Biggest Title, Offline for Second Day

Fortnite, the Video Game Industry's Biggest Title, Offline for Second Day

Since the game went offline it appears as if everyone who would otherwise be floating around in the Fortnite universe has logged online for a completely different form of "entertainment".

Next week Epic Games will also be giving Fortnite players "a pack of Battle Stars to our Battle Royale players and Seasonal Gold to the Save the World players".

In an official forum post, Epic Games have said: "We're sorry for the ongoing extended instability".

It's the most popular game in the world right now, but no one has been able to play Fortnite all day.

The free-to-play game is a third-person shooter in the "Battle Royale" genre - 100 unarmed players parachute to an island, scavenge for supplies, and attempt to survive.

The Fortnite free back bling should be available in the store this weekend. Most notable among those changes is the fact that there will be two battle buses, the means through which players drop from the sky and into the map, instead of just one.

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The game's most popular streamer, Ninja, has switched games to Radical Heights, another free battle royale game which is found on Steam. If you've been playing this game, know which is the best weapon/ gun for you in the Fortnite game.

The outage has been acknowledged by Epic Games, the game's developer, but it said that it now didn't have a timeframe for when the game would be back up.

On Thursday, the update read: "The initial fix was unable to handle returning traffic, and we're again experiencing issues with login success".

"The most common search during the same user session is Overwatch, followed by Team Fortress 2 and video game". Would probably bring in the storm early to keep everyone together, flip on respawns so the game reliably ends when someone makes it through the weapon ladder.

If you're yet to set foot in the worlds presented to players in either PUBG or Fortnite you might not be that familiar with the battle royal formula.