Judge Denies Cosby Defense Request For Mistrial

Judge Denies Cosby Defense Request For Mistrial

Cosby lawyer Tom Mesereau is going through a thick binder of police statements and prior testimony as he probes discrepancies between what Andrea Constand has said in the past and what she said on the witness stand. "Because of that trust, she did".

The Associated Press does not typically identify people who say they are victims of sexual assault unless they grant permission, which Constand has done.

Could we see a guilty verdict in the Bill Cosby trial this time?

At the time of the alleged assault, Constand was the director of women's basketball at Temple University, where the actor sat on the board of trustees.

Judge O'Neill explained to the jury that Mr. Cosby is not being charged for the accusations leveled by Ms. Thomas.

She also turned back his attempts to dent her credibility, freely admitting that she experimented with LSD and other drugs in her youth and had a long bout with alcoholism. He settled the case for $3.4 million.

Cosby faces three counts of aggravated indecent assault surrounding a 2004 encounter with a Temple University employee. She told the jury on Friday, "I was really humiliated".

During a game of backgammon, Cosby offered her a pill she believes was a Quaalude, then a second one, Baker-Kinney said. Mesereau has said that while Cosby was "foolish" to have a relationship with a much younger woman, especially as a married man, it does not make him a criminal.

Earlier yesterday, Cosby's lawyer opened the defense's case by portraying Constand aas a "con artist" bent on extorting money from the famed comedian, saying she concocted a false story to pay for her education and set up a business. But the retrial takes place in a world colored by the #MeToo movement and its reckoning with celebrities using their power to harass and assault women.

She said that before she got to the courthouse, a friend helped her paint her body with the words, "Women's lives matter", "Cosby" and "Rapist".

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Constand said her mother spoke with Cosby by phone, and he confessed and apologized. She only remembers fragments from the next four days, but does remember "waking up in bed", she told the courtroom, and finding Cosby naked beside her, forcing himself into her.

Constand testified she made a decision to report the assault to police in January 2005, about a year later, jarred to action by a nightmare and an increasing awareness of consent issues from her ongoing massage therapy training.

Bill Cosby's chief accuser is telling jurors at his sexual assault retrial that she's seeking justice.

"These women proved that they were here to back up their sister _ they got their sister's back", Cosby spokesman Andrew Wyatt said Thursday outside court. Only one of the more than 60 women who have accused him was permitted to testify at the first trial, which ended with a hung jury.

The defense has dismissed the other women's testimony as "prosecution by distraction". She and Cosby then settled a civil lawsuit in 2006 that would remain secret for nearly a decade.

Jurors also have yet to hear from model Janice Dickinson, who says Cosby knocked her out with a pill and raped her in Lake Tahoe in 1982, and Lise-Lotte Lublin, an aspiring actress who alleges Cosby sexually assaulted her after prodding her to take two drinks to relax in 1989.

Lise-Lotte Lublin told jurors she lost consciousness and doesn't remember anything else about that night in 1989 _ a time when Cosby was at the height of his fame starring as sweater-wearing father-of-five Dr. Cliff Huxtable on America's top-rated TV show, "The Cosby Show". Constand, who is now a massage therapist, is the only accuser whose claims fall within Pennsylvania's 12-year statute.

The comedian arrived at the courthouse Tuesday amid heightened security after topless protester, actress Nicolle Rochelle, who appeared on several episodes of "The Cosby Show" as a child jumped a barricade on Monday and got within a few feet of Cosby as the comedian entered the courthouse.

The first of five additional accusers against Cosby is continuing her testimony in court Wednesday.