Tax Day is April 17

Tax Day is April 17

Many are busy this weekend helping clients file their taxes by the April 17th deadline.

Filing for an extension does not extend your tax liability payment.

For those of you scrambling to complete your taxes last-minute, here's a bit of a reprieve: Taxes aren't due until Tuesday, April 17.

Both the Rockingham County Sheriff's office and the Staunton Police Department said they have received complaints from people who are getting scam calls.

Choosing e-file and direct deposit for refunds remains the fastest and safest way to file an accurate income tax return and receive a refund, according to the IRS. Some of the most common mistakes taxpayers make when rushing to meet the deadline include putting down an incorrect Social Security number for a child or spouse, or forgetting to simply sign a paper return.

Tax Day 2018 is nearly here. If you're working in the gig economy or as a freelancer, you're allowed to take advantage of business expense deductions that you may not be eligible for as a W-2 employee, such as start-up costs, computers, vehicle expenses and so on, according to Greene-Lewis.

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If you plan to submit an extension form to the IRS, you must submit form 4868.

"It's important to file on time because you get all the credits that you are due in a timely manner", said Viruet.

"The IRS will work with you", he said. As of April 6, just more than 103 million had been filed. If your income is above that, multiply what you paid past year by 1.1 (to get to 110%).

If you are unsure how much you owe in taxes, here's some math to figure out what to pay now.

Paying off debt is another priority when it comes to planned uses of tax refunds. Go back and look at what you paid in taxes a year ago, including both withholdings and any payments you made (including estimated quarterly payments as well as payments you made last April).