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Why you feel thirsty after drinking alcohol or consuming sugar

Why you feel thirsty after drinking alcohol or consuming sugar

Analysis shows that approximately half of all drinkers go over the weekly recommended limit in the 19 high-income countries studied, while nearly one-in-ten people drink more than the equivalent of 21 pints of beer a week.

The new recommended 100g a week is equivalent to between five and six standard United Kingdom glasses of wine or pints of beer.

Recommended limits in Italy, Portugal, and Spain are almost 50% higher than this, and in the United States of America the upper limit for men is nearly double this. The Lancet study, however, found no evidence to support different guidelines for women and men.

That's about 10 standard drinks a week and is significantly lower than the no more than two-a-day limit imposed under official Australian Guidelines.

The study found that drinking between 100-200 grams of alcohol could decrease one's life expectancy by six months, 200-350 grams by two years and more than 350 grams by four years.

"Around half of people in the study reported drinking more than 100 grams (or 10 standard drinks) of alcohol per week and nearly 10 per cent drank more than 350 grams per week".

The study uses self-reported alcohol consumption across 19 high-income countries.

The researchers examined alcohol's impact on causes of death related to cardiovascular disease, which includes stroke, heart failure, fatal hypertensive disease and fatal aortic aneurysm.

"Doctors and other healthcare professionals must heed this message and transmit it to their patients".

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"These recommended drinking levels will no doubt be described as implausible and impracticable by the alcohol industry and other opponents of public health warnings on alcohol".

On average, each unit of alcohol consumed over the 100g threshold, slices about 15 minutes off a person's life - about the same as a cigarette, David Spiegelhalter, a professor in the "understanding of risk" at the University of Cambridge said in a comment on the report.

Professor Bu Yeap, a co-author from the School of Medicine at the University of Western Australia, says the study is important as it analyses data from almost 600,000 people from all over the world. However, risk of non-fatal heart attacks dipped with more alcohol.

Jake Najman, Emeritus Professor from the Queensland Alcohol and Drug Research and Education Centre (QADREC) at The University of Queensland, says the study suggests even modest quantities of alcohol increase the risk of earlier death. Even the most casual drinkers among us, including those following USA government recommendations, can see months and years taken away by steadily hitting the hooch, according to a new study by an global team of researchers.

Current guidelines published by the U.S. Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion allow for drinking in moderation.

"Sadly we live in an era where those in the temperance and health movements refuse to accept the facts: that sensible alcohol consumption has health benefits and that adults should be informed to make their own choices, not nannied into submission".

"Until then, the 2009 Alcohol Guidelines remain NHMRC's current advice".

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