Apple, Samsung Resume Patent Infringement Dispute in Court

Apple, Samsung Resume Patent Infringement Dispute in Court

Apple is claiming that Samsung should pay over $1 billion for ripping off its patents, which Samsung says is a gross exaggeration.

Finally, in the final round of the long-going Samsung patent fight, Apple has demanded a total of $1 Billion from Samsung for patent infringement at smartphone retrial.

In the seemingly never-ending smartphone patent war between Apple and Samsung, both sides delivered opening arguments in a Silicon Valley federal courtroom, this time on how to fairly calculate damages Samsung owes Apple for infringing five of Apple's patents.

Two expert witnesses, called by Apple, testified to the sums being reasonable. In an earlier trial, Apple's analysis concluded that customers might pay as much as $100 more for a Samsung phone that included the patented features. The retrial of this patent violation has begun and Apple has demanded $1 billion in damages from its rival.

In the present case, Samsung was discovered liable of encroaching three outline patents. Samsung argues, however, that it should pay up just $28 million. Lawyers for Samsung have argued that the damage amount should not be based on the profit of the entire device, but rather a portion, because only part of the phone was found to have infringed on Apple's design patents.

It's been eight years since the original iPhone was first released, but Apple still regards the device as one of the biggest risks it has ever taken - enough that it could have cost the whole company.

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The Supreme Court agreed. It won the case and was awarded $1.05 billion in 2012.

At issue were design features by now familiar to consumers: a black, rectangular, round-cornered phone front, a surrounding rim, known as the "bezel" and a grid of 16 colorful icon.

The latest trial kicked off in San Jose, Calif., after a judge a year ago found the jury instructions in the original 2012 trial misstated the law and ordered a new trial.

Samsung attorney John Quinn held up components to the jury, emphasizing that each was its own article of manufacture and that there are "hundreds of articles of manufacture inside a phone". We all are very much aware of this patent-infringement dispute.

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Samsung then appealed the lower court's ruling to the Supreme Court, attempting to limit the compensation to profits attributable to a specific component patent in question. It "does not exist apart from, and can not be separated from, the infringing Samsung phones."Koh will let Kare and other Apple experts cite evidence from the first trial of Samsung's deliberate copying of the iPhone design".