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Black Voters Must "Takeover The Polls" This Midterm Election Season

Black Voters Must

There are 1.6 million people registered to vote ahead of the June primary election in San Diego County.

In Queens 691,209 voters turned up at the polls for the 2016 presidential election, or 62 percent of the 1.11 eligible voters, according to the city Board of Elections 2016 annual report. Only 107 of 1,978 registered voters took part, 5.4 percent.

But in House District 23, which includes some rural areas of the county, incumbent Rep. Mike Nearman is facing a challenge from Kris Morse Bledsoe in the Republican primary and Danny Jaffer is running without opposition for the Democratic nod. The other two ballots must remain unmarked and unvoted. At this time, there is no Democratic candidate for Circuit Court Judge.

- The biggest offices are up for grabs - including governor, superintendent of public instruction, USA representative, lieutenant governor, and every seat in the Idaho Legislature. Registration ends on October 9. Also, Yarborough was facing a challenge from Jim McIlroy to advance to the November election. That year saw 12,188 Democrats, 5,479 Republicans and no Libertarians, as the third party was not certified for the primary.

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Orange County Navigation and Port Commission, a county-wide election May 6, had a 4.5 percent turnout (2,397 of 53,019) and a budget of $21,000 for a cost per vote of $8.76. In 2014, there was no primary for the Sheriff 's race.

The Butler Radio Network will be airing live election return coverage beginning at 9 p.m. on WISR 680AM and WBUT 1050AM and online.

By contrast, unaffiliated voters may choose to vote in either party's primary on Election Day.