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California Sees 45-Percent Increase In STDs Over 5 Years

California Sees 45-Percent Increase In STDs Over 5 Years

In 2017, more than 300,000 cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea and early syphilis were reported, health officials said. In 2017, there were 278 stillbirths and 47 babies born with congenital syphilis in LA.

Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (Public Health) announces since 2012, rates of syphilis among both men and women have been steadily increasing in Los Angeles County and in California. Chlamydia rates among girls and women were 60 percent higher than boys and men. The cases of syphilis and gonorrhoea are more common among men.

Thirty-three percent of gonorrhea cases in California were in people under age 25. If left untreated, Chlamydia and gonorrhea can cause pelvic inflammatory disease and lead to infertility, ectopic pregnancy, and chronic pelvic pain.

"My goal is to eliminate congenital syphilis cases in LA County", said Barbara Ferrer, PhD, MPH, MEd, Director of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. The officials also say that getting regular STD testing is significant as many people who get infected have no idea about it.

Syphilis is categorized as primary, secondary, latent, and tertiary- and each stage has different signs and symptoms. Syphilis can lead to blindness, hearing loss and neurological issues, the wire service said.

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Overall, the number of STD cases has been climbing in the U. S. In 2016, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported more than 2 million cases of syphilis, chlamydia or gonorrhea-the highest ever recorded, with California near the top.

Public Health recently launched a medical provider education campaign aimed at improving awareness of syphilis trends and guidelines and earlier detection and treatment of syphilis in women before they may become pregnant. This represents an average infection rate of 34.3 cases per 100,000 Californians, higher than the national average of 8.7 per 100,000.

Bauer also suggested the rise in STDs may be a symptom of more general problems in areas such as the economically hard-hit San Joaquin Valley where people are struggling with poverty, substance abuse, mental health issues and homelessness.

Health officials said they were working with local public health agencies and community partners to enhance their capacity to investigate and reduce the spread of STDs.