'Deadpool 2' Outpacing The First Movie As It Tops Fandango's Weekend Sales

'Deadpool 2' Outpacing The First Movie As It Tops Fandango's Weekend Sales

No points for guessing whom are we referring to? In the middle of their association steps in the time traveller mutant Cable (Josh Brolin), who comes with reasons to assassinate Russell.

It's just a shame that this sequel didn't take more chances, especially considering how unique the first Deadpool was.

Ryan Reynolds (as Deadpool): "We'll be known as X-Force". The fight to save the kid and be a better human being is how we can sum up the entire movie for you. "This second film, man, I think they stuck the landing".

You would nearly feel bad if you didn't already know that it was actually Ryan Reynolds under that Deadpool mask.

"Ryan Reynolds (as Deadpool): "[Expletive] Oh, you're talking about the character, not the actor playing him". The humour is awesome. His one-liners, especially the digs he takes at other superhero movies, are hysterically amusing.

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The movie isn't ideal, but it's amusing from front to back (and features the most hysterical credits scenes maybe ever). By constantly breaking the fourth wall for Deadpool to directly address the audience and poke fun at his own film, Deadpool was a relief from the over-stuffed Marvel and DC entries, and proved that there was a huge market for an R-rated superhero film (if it was done right).

'We're shooting in August, most of the set is on fire, so there was not much you could do - that suit gets pretty gross, ' he said.

You'd be dead wrong if you though that though, my friend. Many believed that Deadpool was a gamble that the makers played when they introduced a superhero that's so rude and adult in its content. And its sequel justifies the same definition and takes it a notch higher instead.

"I said, 'Read this, read this, skip this, skip this, ' " he says of comic book issues he felt might best serve the needs of the moviemaking team". "People who don't like to waste time or money". Brolin played the evil Thanos in "Infinity", and his character here is a bit more stoic, though neither would succumb to a case of the giggles. Nah, not really. It would be revealing a spoiler if I mention anything else about the villain. However, Deadpool revived him in one of the movie's final scenes. It dawned on me in that moment that maybe the first Deadpool wasn't't garbage. And if you are not, you should book your tickets ASAP.

Then we watch Deadpool blow himself up. I never understood why the original 2016 movie was seen as some sort of groundbreaking effort that pushed forward the superhero genre, as many fans and critics claim. There is, in fact, a scene in the new movie in which the foulmouthed contract killer with a heart of gold - and here I'm talking about Deadpool, not Reynolds - actually appears to kill the Canadian-born movie star, adding a snarky "You're welcome, Canada" as he violently does him in.