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EPA IG to Look at Pruitt's Use of Multiple Email Accounts

EPA IG to Look at Pruitt's Use of Multiple Email Accounts

During a Capitol Hill hearing on the agency's budget, Sen.

The EPA has said that the first-class flights were necessary, because of security threats against Pruitt.

Pruitt in April showed his ability to bat away ethics questions from Democrats when he appeared before two House panels.

And the subcommittee's top Democrat, New Mexico's Tom Udall, is accusing Pruitt of failing to inform lawmakers about a $43,000 soundproof booth for making private phone calls from his office.

In a memo obtained by The Washington Post last week, the head of Pruitt's security detail requested business or first-class seating for the administrator, because of passengers "lashing out" at Pruitt when he was seated in coach.

The Environmental Protection Agency's inspector general is opening an investigation into Administrator Scott Pruitt's use of multiple email accounts.

Udall is citing an email written by EPA's security chief saying Pruitt "encourages the use" of emergency lights.

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During hearings last month, Pruitt, who was confirmed February 17, 2017, justified his security spending by citing threats he had received since taking office.

During his previous appearances in front of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee on January 30, and before the House Energy and Commerce Committee and a House appropriations subcommittee on April 26, Pruitt was not under oath. That includes flying first class on commercial airliners.

Last week, Pruitt announced changes in enforcement of the landmark Clean Air Act that critics said would give industries more say.

Perrotta, who wrote the email about the use of lights and sirens, also drafted a memo past year saying Pruitt needed to fly in premium class seats because of security threats.

Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont told Pruitt he was a walking example of "ego run amok", calling him an embarrassment to the agency he leads.

"Nobody even knows who you are", Leahy told Pruitt, who sat stone faced before him.

"We have to determine whether we have sufficient resources-people, time and funds-to do a project in a timely fashion and whether it would preclude our doing other crucial work", wrote Arthur Elkins Jr.