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Family wants another agency to head Keeven Robinson death investigation

Family wants another agency to head Keeven Robinson death investigation

Robinson died of compressional asphyxia, and an autopsy showed that he had "significant trauma to the neck and the soft tissue of the neck", Cvitanovich said.

Although an official autopsy report will take weeks, the coroner emphasized the accuracy of the preliminary results. Gaylor A. Spiller, the president of the local N.A.A.C.P. chapter, said she was "so far satisfied" with the coroner's review and the sheriff's decision to reassign the deputies.

The forensic finding of homicide differs from the legal definition. While at a gas station on Thursday, Robinson allegedly saw the detectives, who were in plainclothes, and tried to flee the scene, hitting one of the officer's cars as he left the gas station.

Robinson then crashed into two Jefferson Parish deputy vehicles before getting out of his vehicle and running into some backyards in the neighborhood, hopping fences along the way according to authorities.

Robinson was being investigated by narcotics detectives early Thursday, said Lt. Jason Rivarde, spokesman for the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office.

The NAACP called for the detectives involved in Keeven Robinson's death to be arrested and charged with murder.

Lopinto said the four deputies were read their rights and gave statements.

Hours later, Robinson's family led more than 200 neighbors on a march past the spot where her only son died.

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The four detectives involved are white, said Lopinto, who declined to release their names.

'I understand that this investigation will be under a microscope, ' Lopinto said. When the 22-year-old saw detectives at a gas station, he attempted to drive away, but crashed his auto. "That doesn't mean our officers did anything wrong, or it may mean that they did something wrong".

The sheriff said he told reporters Thursday that asthma was the likely culprit because that information - supplied by Robinson's family - was the best information he had at the time. "They're afraid of the police".

Robinson was not armed, though Sheriff Lopinto said a gun was found in his vehicle.

Lopinto said the investigation would determine if the use of deadly force on Robinson - who did not have a gun on his body but had one in his auto - was justified.

When Sheriff Joseph Lopinto was asked if his department has a policy on choke holds, he dodged the question by saying the officer were fighting for their lives, "From a policy standpoint, we don't train somebody to hit someone with a brick - but if you're fighting for your your life and the brick's there, you hit somebody with the brick". The Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office doesn't use body cameras.

"You got somebody in 'cuffs, take them to jail", Robinson's father, Steven Jackson, told the Times-Picayune. "We should be able to apprehend people without incident and we're not able to do that", says marcher Regina Hollins.