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FBI Has Suspect in Damaging CIA Leak of Spying Code

FBI Has Suspect in Damaging CIA Leak of Spying Code

Authorities appeared to piece together several bits of information to come up with the theory Schulte is responsible for the leak.

On the whole, the Vault 7 disclosures are less damaging than their Shadow Brokers counterparts because the WikiLeaks dispatches haven't included potent source code that could be repurposed.

Rather, he is being charged with operating a server that contained a 54GB container of child abuse content (we're not going to label it as "pornography" out of respect for adult entertainment performers). However, prosecutors have publicly revealed Schulte to be a key suspect in the Vault 7 leaks after seizing computer equipment, notebooks and handwritten notes from his apartment.

Here's where things get tricky: the government says it does not have enough evidence to charge Schulte with the leak. He has pleaded not guilty in that case. Still, the article said, Schulte advised one user, "Just don't put anything too illegal on there". The leak also led to security researchers finding cases of the tools actively infecting governments and companies since at least 2011.

In documents, prosecutors allege that they found a large cache of child pornography on a server that was maintained by Schulte.

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According to the report, Schulte worked for the the CIA's engineering development group until 2016, a position that would have given him access to the thousands of agency documents that were handed over to WikiLeaks in 2017.

Schulte was arrested in August, but prosecutors have been unable to bring charges against him. The statement said he later reported "incompetent management and bureaucracy" at the CIA to the agency's inspector general and a congressional oversight committee. That painted him as a disgruntled employee, he said, and when he left the Central Intelligence Agency in 2016, suspicion fell upon him as "the only one to have recently departed [the Central Intelligence Agency engineering group] on poor terms", Schulte wrote.

He also said that because of 'unfortunate circumstances the Federal Bureau of Investigation ultimately made the snap judgement that (he) was guilty of the leaks and targeted (him)'.

Schulte said he had also been planning a vacation with his brother to Cancun, Mexico, which may have given the appearance that he was trying to flee the country.

According to Schulte's LinkedIn page, he was an intern at the NSA while studying. Laroche was actually describing a "characterization" by Schulte's attorneys and expressing disagreement.