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Five found dead at Denton County residence

Five found dead at Denton County residence

Her children have been identified as Odin Painter, 8, Caydence Painter, 6, and Drake Painter, 4. He stated that he didn't know her precise situation, however that he didn't consider that her accidents had been life-threatening.

'As soon as I know anything about the kids we'll have a memorial service at least, and everybody is welcome. "I'll tell you guys what happened another day, however I was shot today", Simpson said through tears in the first heartbreaking video posted Wednesday night, just hours after the shooting.

She says she's "extremely mad" at the judge who handled her divorce from Justin Painter of Fort Worth, the suspected shooter. Her condition is unknown. Simpson said. Now her children are making headlines.

"So now I don't have my babies", she stated in one video.

She added: 'You guys know that they were my everything, my goal to breathe.

"You guys know that they were my everything, my goal to breathe", she said on Facebook LIVE.

"You know when you try to find happiness".

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"I made it very clear to the judge that he was mentally unstable, and they didn't listen. I have to start funeral arrangements", she says, beginning to cry.

Amanda Simpson, lying wounded in bed at a local hospital and complaining that her arms were exhausted, lifted her phone and went live on Facebook Wednesday evening.

The shooting is still under investigating by the Denton County Sheriff's Office, Ponder police and The Texas Rangers.

Orlando Hinojosa from the Denton County Sheriff's Office confirmed the killings, adding that the gunman also shot his ex-wife, but she had survived the incident. "Don't think about me".

"There are going to be a couple vehicles towed from the scene", Hinojosa said.

Their children were eight, six, and four years old, according to a GoFundMe page set up by family to help Simpson with expenses and travel back to Virginia.