Fortnite's Infinity War Crossover Event is Ending Tomorrow

Fortnite's Infinity War Crossover Event is Ending Tomorrow

However, Epic Games delayed the release of the patch after discovering an "issue" with the update.

But in their latest Fortnite server update on Tuesday the Fortnite team said: "v4.2 is releasing tomorrow, May 16". We'll find out more once the update officially hits tomorrow morning.

Another day, another Fortnite update, and this one means the serves will be down for a period, just like they normally are.

On the Fortnite Reddit page Epic Games revealed that patch notes for Fortnite update 4.2 will be released once downtime begins.

The main aim of the mode is to capture the Infinity Gauntlet, which turns you into Thanos with all of his powers at your fingertips - apart from the really fun ones, sadly. Fortnite INTEL reported on the new weapon and shared the image below that shows Epic Games' brief description of the new addition.

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As the name would suggest, the Fortnite x Avengers LTM was a mashup between the Battle Royale game and the recently released Avengers: Infinity War film. Today's update message now shows the burst assault rifle will get variations at epic and legendary rarities when the update lands. The downtime usually doesn't last very long so you shouldn't have to wait around too long.

With Season 4 coming out around the same time as the new Avengers movie, this crossover doesn't seem all that odd.

Fortnite Battle Royale is free to play now for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Mobile.

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