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Inmates revolt at Venezuela detention center, Utah man pleads for help

Inmates revolt at Venezuela detention center, Utah man pleads for help

However, a clearly distressed Utah man, Joshua Holt, who has been imprisoned for two years without trial, posted two videos on Facebook about the riot, saying his life was in danger.

In two 20-second videos posted Wednesday to his personal Facebook page, Josh Holt says a group of people have taken over control of the prison, and that they are trying to kill him. Venezuela's chief prosecutor sent a commission to the jail to discuss the prisoners' demands.

Venezuelan authorities have claimed Holt was keeping guns in the home of the woman he went to the country to marry in 2016.

Holt's first-ever video message from jail came amid what the USA government described as a "riot" Wednesday by fellow inmates, including some of President Nicolas Maduro's top opponents. He moved in with her in the outskirts of Caracas while they waited for her visa to arrive so they could move to the USA with her two daughters, NPR reported a year ago after speaking to Holt's mother.

Today, I learned Josh Holt was enduring a riot situation in his Venezuelan jail.

The Trump administration has warned that it could put crippling oil sanctions on Venezuela if Maduro goes ahead with what the US and others consider a sham presidential election Sunday. They are outside. They are trying to break in. "They want to kill me and paint the walls with my blood".

Venezuela's Information Ministry did not respond to a request for comment.

The Trump administration has suggested there are political motives for Mr Holt's continued detention. Holt and Candelo were hauled off to jail.

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Extra troops from the National Guard and Police are taking positions and maneuvering tactical vehicles outside the “El Helicoide” prison for political cases in Western Caracas Wednesday, as a riot is reportedly taking place inside.

The vote, to be held on Sunday, has been branded by the European Union, the U.S. and other Latin American nations as illegitimate. Two of his main political opponents, Tintori's husband Leopoldo Lopez and Henrique Capriles, are barred from running, leaving Henri Falcon to take the role of main challenger to the Socialist leader. In a video, Holt appears with some of the protestors, urging their release on the basis they haven't had a trial and need medical attention for unspecified health issues.

In another, a shirtless youth runs down a narrow hallway and knocks out an overhead light with a long stick to shouts of encouragement by other inmates.

Diosdado Cabello, leader of the Venezuelan Socialist Party, has accused Holt of being a U.S. agent and the country's top spy in Latin America, but he has not yet been put on trial.

"We are concerned about the riot at El Helicoide", Mr Robinson said in a statement, referring to the helix-shaped building where Maduro's top opponents are being held.

"Joshua Holt and other U.S. citizens are in danger", it said in a tweet in Spanish.

Todd Robinson, the chargé d'affaires at the United States embassy, went to the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry for information, the embassy added but there was, 'no response from the government'. Orrin Hatch, a Utah Republican, to secure Holt's release.