Khloé Kardashian reveals who gave her the idea for True Thompson's name

Khloé Kardashian reveals who gave her the idea for True Thompson's name

"My grandma MJ suggested True", Kardashian shared.

"Pick a name for your child is really so tough!"

New mom Khloe Kardashian seemed to have chosen to value her family more instead of condemning her baby daddy Tristan Thompson amidst his rumored infidelity. Khloe posted. Even though picking a name is so hard she always knew she wanted her daughter to have a name that started with a "T" matching her last name initial, similar to Khloe's matching initials.

The KUWTK star also revealed that she stuck with that name throughout her entire pregnancy.

Kardashian gave birth to her baby girl one month ago, just days after it was revealed boyfriend Tristan Thompson had been unfaithful multiple times while she was pregnant.

"Those around Khloe are trying to be as supportive to her as they can".

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"The former Olympian wrote next to the pictures of her daughter, former stepdaughter and ex-wife", So blessed to have so many fantastic moms in my life".

Reality star Caitlyn Jenner was among these celebs who posted an Instagram gallery of her fam members and captioned it: "So blessed to have so many wonderful mums in my life".

MJ explained to Khloe the family significance the name has.

Kardashian just lately spent her first Mom's Day alone in Cleveland whereas the remainder of her household celebrated in Los Angeles.

"Her family hasn't visited for weeks".

"Khloé is determined to show that she is happy in Cleveland", an insider said. Although Khloe has not spoken out about the cheating scandal, Kim Kardashian has been very vocal on her thoughts, calling the situation "so f-ed up" and "sad".