Lenovo Teases An All-Screen Smartphone

Lenovo Teases An All-Screen Smartphone

The road to technological progression isn't always linear.

The iPhone X was the first smartphone to introduce an edge-to-edge display late a year ago; however, it had to keep a black notch at the top that housed the front-facing camera and speaker. The objective of the notch-at least in the case of the iPhone X-is to allow for the mechanics of the front facing camera, the earpiece, and more, to still exist on the front of the phone while not losing the claim that the screen goes from edge to edge.

Thankfully, for notch haters, that future may not be far away. The Lenovo Z5 is truly all-screen.

Lenovo Vice President Chang Cheng is teasing a brand new cellphone on China's Weibo social media that is nothing but display framed by an ultra-thin bezel.

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As CNET first noted, there's a chance the sketch isn't a final version. The teaser shows the sketch of a phone that is almost all screen. It's worth pointing out, however, that Cheng's Weibo post doesn't really share any details about the Z5, only identifying it as the company's new flagship device. The company in question is Lenovo and the phone is the upcoming Lenovo Z5.

By way of instance, includes a 91.3 percent screen-to-body ratio, which can be one of the industry's finest, but it nevertheless takes a bezel across the floor to host the cellphone's front-facing camera.

What do you think of the Lenovo Z5?

Ever since Apple released its iPhone X there have been multiple manufacturers jumping on the notch bandwagon.