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Malaysian PM says he'll stay in office for 1-2 years

Malaysian PM says he'll stay in office for 1-2 years

His sentence expires June 8 but the unexpected election win of his alliance led by former leader Mahathir Mohamad in May 9 polls led to his swift release.

"He did good (before) and can do good for the whole of Malaysia", he said.

Once seen as a potential future leader, he had been jailed on charges of sodomy and corruption after falling out with the government. The cases against him have been politically motivated.

During the campaign, Mahathir, who was prime minister for 22 years in a previous stint from 1981, promised to step aside and make Anwar prime minister once he was pardoned.

The 70-year-old walked free from Cheras Rehabilitation Hospital after being granted a full royal pardon from Malaysia's king, Sultan Muhammad V. "It is also the recognition that the people have spoken and the royalty are responding to these issues". "Now we need to see him become prime minister".

When Mahathir was prime minister in the 1990s, Anwar was his deputy and clear heir-apparent. "There are many faults committed by the previous government, but we can not do everything in one day, so you have to be patient".

Malaysia's Anwar says Najib likely headed to jail

Cracks have already emerged, with officials from Anwar's party alleging that Mahathir bulldozed the announcement of three top Cabinet posts. Mahathir is the chairman of the alliance and Anwar is its de-facto leader. "Anwar bin Ibrahim", the palace said in a statement.

About whether his goal in the 1MDB investigation is to recover assets and money and if he could give an assurance to Malaysians that it is not about settling scores or to establish control over the judiciary, Dr Mahathir shot back, saying the "assumption that I was a dictator is completely without basis".

Dr Mahathir said the Malaysian authorities have a lot of information including some from the DoJ on Jho Low's whereabouts.

Anwar has served three years of a five-year term for sodomy, a charge he says was trumped up by the government of ousted Prime Minister Najib Razak. He quickly rose up the ranks, becoming finance minister in 1991 and deputy prime minister two years later. That black eye has become the logo of his People's Justice Party.

Tensions within the ruling coalition, which are likely given differences between Mr Mahathir and Mr Anwar in the past, would raise doubts about the ability of the administration to deliver. He led an opposition alliance to major gains in the last two elections, winning the popular vote in 2013.

He must first be elected to parliament, having been stripped of his seat in 2015 when his conviction on charges of sodomising a young male aide was upheld on appeal, sending him to jail. Security personnel from the building - which is owned by Desmond Lim, a wealthy Malaysian businessman and supporter of Najib - were cooperative."We are looking for government documents that may have been illegally taken", said a senior police officer, who requested anonymity as he was not authorized to talk to the media.

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