Mega Man 30th Anniversary Classic Cartridges Available For Pre-Order

Mega Man 30th Anniversary Classic Cartridges Available For Pre-Order

Each game is a Limited Edition of 8,500 units. Mega Man 2's reprint will of course be an NES cartridge, with X being an SNES cartridge that you could actually plug into a system and play if you wanted.

Capcom is gearing up to celebrate Mega Man's 30th anniversary later this year with the X Collection in July and Mega Man 11 at a now unspecified date. There will also be an instruction manual inside the box, along with other surprises. Mega Man 2 and X are iconic releases on their platforms, but a re-release of latter-day X games on cartridge would be nice as well - especially since Mega Man X 3 got such a low print run in its initial release. As if a slew of classic game re-releases and Mega Man 11 weren't enough, the publisher has also teamed up with iam8bit to bring two Mega Man classics back in a way that fans will certainly appreciate.

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Let's say you're looking for something more on the SNES side of things. It too is going for $100, and you can get your orders in here. Only 8,500 of each will be made, and they will ship in late September 2018.

The standard color for Mega Man 2 is Opaque Light Blue, but people who order it have a 1/8 chance of getting the glow-in-the-dark version, which is completely randomized. If interested, you can check out the source link below to purchase.