Nintendo faces Switch patent infringement investigation in the US

Nintendo faces Switch patent infringement investigation in the US

Here we go again: the Nintendo Switch is fairly unique as far as modern consoles go, but one smart device accessory maker is claiming that the Switch's detachable Joy-Con controllers infringe on patents it holds. Their controllers connect to smartphones and tablets either via USB or Lightning, allowing for a low latency response vs the possible button lag you could experience by going the route of Bluetooth.

"The U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC) has voted to institute an investigation of certain portable gaming console systems with attachable handheld controllers and components thereof", the independent Federal agency writes. This lawsuit was reportedly thrown out in October, but since then, Gamevice has taken its case to the US International Trade Commission, which has launched an investigation into the matter.

"The investigation is based on a complaint filed by Gamevice, Inc., of Simi Valley, CA, on March 30, 2018". Accord to the press release regarding the case, the USITC is looking into whether or not there is any credence to the claims by Gamevice that Nintendo was in violation of its patents regarding attachable gamepads for handheld devices.

There is no telling what the outcome will be as the committee makes their decision, but Gamevice is definitely going up against a beast of a legal budget when it comes to Nintendo and their resources. Gamevice even suggests a "limited exclusion order and a cease and desist" against Nintendo.

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This is not the first time Gamevice has sued Nintendo over the Switch.

KitGuru Says: It wasn't widely known that the original Gamevice lawsuit was unsuccessful, the situation just seemed to drop off the radar.

Nintendo declined to comment on the investigation. The USITC will announce a target date for the completion of its investigation at some point within the next 45 days, and at that time, we should have more answers.