Ryan Reynolds Doesn't Think Disney/Fox Deal Will Affect X-Force

Ryan Reynolds Doesn't Think Disney/Fox Deal Will Affect X-Force

To start with, the scene is just a straight replay of X-Men Origins: Wolverine footage (albeit slightly re-edited), making it a weird sort of archive cameo for Wolverine star Jackman - but then things change up a bit when the REAL Deadpool (aka from these Deadpool films) turns up to shoots his weird, mouthless self in the head. An audience who, unlike all other goody two-shoes in capes and cowls, Deadpool knows is watching. Armed with just one, erm...arm..., a teddy bear with a tragic story behind it and a mission of revenge, the middle-aged time traveler finds himself up against Deadpool and a new group of hired guns the latter's calling "X-Force".

Deadpool 2 (released May 18, 2018). While many people have expressed their opinions, actor Ryan Reynolds believes Deadpool and X-Force will be unscathed by any such agreement. Or that he's obsessed with a conspiracy theory involving the song Papa, Can You Hear Me? So, I'm really excited about that.

There are a lot of variables involved with the potential acquisition of Fox's assets by Disney, and perhaps the hottest topic among comic book fans is how the X-Men, Deadpool and Fantastic Four film properties will be affected by the deal.

An advice, though not asked or demanded but still, when you are done with the main course (climax) of DEADPOOL 2, stay tuned for the dessert ( the end credits). And yet, it's never dour either.

If anything, with David Leitch - co-director of 2014's "John Wick" and director of last year's likewise high-octane "Atomic Blonde" - guiding this irreverent ship, the action component has been taken up a notch. By taking over the directorial reins from Tim Miller, a noticeable shift in tone is omnipresent in Leitch's aesthetic. As long as they want to keep that combination going, I am in the bag for it.

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Deadpool 2 has the unenviable challenge of following up the movie industry's bigstory of 2016, which turned a (relatively) meager $58 million-budget into a $783 million global phenomenon. And it swims quite well, if with an admittedly slighter emotional investment than the first picture.

A rock-bottomed Deadpool is taken in to Professor Xavier's estate where the goody-two-shoes metal hulk Colossus and feisty Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand) nurse him back to health and try to transform him from a mindless mercenary to an X-man.

After the success of Deadpool, we expected the sequel to go bigger, raunchier, funnier and better. Deadpool 2 fixes that.

But it seems there's a sentimental side to the couple, too, with Ryan recently revealing that he thinks being married to Blake is his "best gig". For every James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy or Ryan Coogler's Black Panther... there is most of the remaining Marvel Studios output. In fact, the stakes are refreshingly low for a superhero movie.

With an unbeatable Ryan Reynolds in charge and a hilarious, self-aware script driving the madness, Deadpool 2 shakes off the stigma of a superhero sequel and lands coolly on its feet. There are plenty of great gags, amusing appearances from recognizable characters, and some additions to the universe that open up the floodgates for a lot more craziness going forward.