Samsung Galaxy A8 Star receives its WiFi certification

Samsung Galaxy A8 Star receives its WiFi certification

Galaxy S7 and S7 edge devices in the United Kingdom began receiving their Android 8.0 Oreo updates at the beginning of this month, but Samsung is now suspending rollouts because some devices are experiencing random reboots.

"Codenamed as 'Beyond, ' the 10th edition of Galaxy S series project is underway as Samsung has embarked on discussing adoptions of various new technologies such as in-display fingerprint sensing with its suppliers", an industry source said. According to The Korea Herald's report, it's to release an entirely new Galaxy phone series the public wants; the foldable "Galaxy X". While it's not as early as July as per the other report, it does seem to corroborate rumors that the phone could be launched earlier than previous generations of the Note series.

Samsung has a lot of work ahead of itself before it can compete directly with the likes of Qualcomm and Apple when it comes to mobile processors, but these early steps are moves in the right direction.

Samsung представила два новых цвета для Galaxy S9 и S9

Samsung is speeding up the schedule for its flagship smartphones, with the Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S10 launch dates to be earlier than usual.

Once the company is done with both the device, Samsung is rumored to launch Galaxy X at MWC next year. Flexible display panels are expected to being production in November. Samsung has learned from their mistakes by rushing products out, and is ensuring that the Galaxy X will be flawless. Given the two to three months time for assembly, we could very well see the first Samsung foldable phone by MWC 2019 in February.

The Galaxy X already sounds worth the wait and will revolutionize how smartphones will be designed in the future. The Galaxy X will likely be expensive to stay in line with competitors. Another key point to note is that even though the back is plastic, we have been told by a source that it won't be removable so any hopes that you had of carrying around a spare battery with the Galaxy J6 have been dashed. The report claims that this is to make up for the supposed low sales of the Galaxy S9 series, which last we heard only recently hit the 1 million units sold mark in South Korea.

Apple, Samsung Resume Patent Infringement Dispute in Court
The retrial of this patent violation has begun and Apple has demanded $1 billion in damages from its rival. In the present case, Samsung was discovered liable of encroaching three outline patents.