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Scotland's Sturgeon warns of catastrophic 'no deal' Brexit

Scotland's Sturgeon warns of catastrophic 'no deal' Brexit

Lawmakers in the devolved Edinburgh assembly voted by 93 to 30 to refuse "legislative consent" for the highly-contested European Union (Withdrawal) Bill now being debated by the British parliament. The UK says it will consult the Scottish government on all changes to those policies, and try to seek agreement.

Talks between the Scottish Government and Cabinet Office ministers Damian Green and David Lidington have been going on for months to reach a resolution on devolved powers.

An initial proposal previous year by Britain that devolved powers returning from the European Union after Brexit should initially pass to Westminster was roundly rejected by Welsh and Scottish politicians. "I hope the UK Government will make this simple change before the legislation is passed and respect the devolution settlement Scotland voted for". However the UK Government argues it needs to hold some powers - on a temporary basis - to allow common UK arrangements to be set up in areas such as fishing, farming and environmental regulations.

European Union negotiators have rejected both options and Conservative Brexiteers have criticised the prime minister's favoured option of a customs partnership as unworkable and inconsistent with regaining full sovereignty from Brussels.

"We are likely to be joined by Labour and the Liberals and the Greens in the Scottish Parliament so it will only be the Conservatives that vote to go ahead", she said.

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"The mechanism for us is not really the issue, it's the issue of the consent of the parliament".

Senior figures from the Scottish Government have repeatedly expressed concerns that the United Kingdom government will take control of devolved powers following Brexit in areas formally devolved but in practice regulated by European Union law, such as fisheries, environment, agriculture, animal welfare and aspects of public health and transport.

It is convention that AMs in Cardiff, and MSPs in Scotland, vote to give or refuse consent on Westminster legislation when it impacts devolution.

In an article in the Sunday Herald newspaper following the Scottish government's rejection of the deal, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said: "If our principled stance means the SNP are the only or the last party standing, defending the founding principles of devolution, then so be it".

Ahead of the debate, a report from the assembly's external affairs committee said its six objectives for improving the bill had still not been met in full, despite the progress made. "It would be even more outrageous if, having seen Holyrood specifically refuse consent to this Bill, the Tories imposed it on Scotland against our will", she said.