Solar Powered iPhone X Tesla Unveiled

Solar Powered iPhone X Tesla Unveiled

After releasing a gold made iPhone X case, the company has now produced a case with solar panels for the iPhone X.

If you are in the market for an iPhone X, and expensive battery packs too happen to be the thing, then that gaudy brand new offering from Caviar is a match made in paradise. In the words of Apple Insider, "The increased thickness from the original's 7.7mm to 16.2mm is large enough that the rear camera bump is now a recess". Named iPhone X "Tesla", it features an integrated solar panel and secondary battery along with some design embellishments.

The handset comes with a solar panel attached to the back, and, according to the images, looks nearly as if it's part of the phone.

Per the website the device is black in colour, with a "shock-resistant case" and "impressive gold elements". Other custom modifications include a carbon base and a small solar charge indicator.

Elon Musk received the first Russian self charging iPhone X

Meanwhile, the case that holds the solar panel reportedly does not seem to be removable as it appears to be directly connected to the actual iPhone X body.

There is no sign of any formal connection between Musk's Electric-car business and Caviar, or even if the CEO is trendy with Caviar utilizing the title, however the iPhone X Tesla is now yours in case you've got a little bit of spare money knocking around.

Russian smartphone appliance maker Caviar has created a solar-powered iPhone that can charge entirely through the sunlight.

A 64 GB model costs the equivalent of $4,500 (284,000 ₽ excluding taxes and duties) while a 256GB model will set you back around $4,800 (299,000 ₽ ). The company says the device has been called the Tesla in honor of the "great innovative developments" of Elon Musk, the chief executive of electric vehicle company Tesla.

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