Tesla Model S rear ends UFA truck

Tesla Model S rear ends UFA truck

A Tesla sedan with a semi-autonomous Autopilot feature rear-ended a firetruck stopped at a red light, apparently traveling at 60 miles per hour and without braking before impact.

This is in wake of an incident that happened in March in which a Tesla Model X electric SUV with AutoPilot engaged, crashed on a highway in California, killing the driver.

While there is still a debate over what has actually caused the accident - man or machine, it is worth mentioning that the driver has suffered only a broken ankle.

The crash, in which the Tesla driver was injured, comes as federal safety agencies investigate the performance of Tesla's semi-autonomous driving system.

Sgt. Samuel Winkler said the car's air bags were activated and that the Tesla's 28-year-old driver suffered a broken right ankle, while the driver of the mechanic truck didn't require treatment. The roads were wet in a light rain.

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Tesla's AutoPilot uses sensors, cameras, radars and control units to monitor speed, change lanes and automatically stop vehicles.

Police in South Jordan, Utah are investigating if a Tesla Model S crashed into a fire truck while running on autopilot. But drivers are instructed to keep their hands on the wheel and their eyes and attention on the road.

The former Tesla executive began at Waymo last Monday, where he joined the company's safety team led by former National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Deputy Administrator Ron Medford, WSJ said.

The NTSB is investigating, stating that while the agency doesn't traditionally involve itself with vehicle accidents, investigators want to know why the auto burned following impact.