YouTube Music officially available for users

YouTube Music officially available for users

YouTube Music is the new streaming service Google is set to launch next week, and will become an addition to an already saturated field.

Another report states that existing YouTube Red users would continue to pay $9.99 for YouTube Premium, but would be asked to pay $9.99 separately for YouTube Music. With YouTube Music, you can listen to official songs, albums, playlists, artist radios, remixes and live versions of songs.

YouTube has made several attempts at converting its tremendous user base - the company says that 1 billion music fans use its free, ad-based video service a month - into a subscription business.

Screens of the YouTube Music though look great. Recode detailed the new music service on May 16, claiming it'll be "functionally the same" as the current ones. But what's the difference between YouTube Music, Spotify and Apple Music? The challenge is figuring out how to turn those people into paying subscribers.

YouTube does not disclose how many people pay for YouTube Red, its premium service. YouTube will offer the "premium" streaming music as a standalone or in combination with its original video plan, which is being rebranded as YouTube Premium from YouTube Red. Following the changes the YouTube Red will now be called YouTube Premium and as the name suggests the service is premium. "YouTube Red is a service that is really a music service", she said, adding that exclusive shows are added on top of that service.

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In a briefing this week, the company promised it will be closing the gaps between Play Music and YouTube Red over the next month, so Google Play Music users don't lose features they've grown accustomed to. That promotional push is also driven by a need to revive a YouTube brand that's been tarnished by a series of public controversies over inappropriate videos.

It's unclear, however, how YouTube can cut through a crowded field. This will eventually replace Play Music, but the pricing will remain at $10 a month.

The past several months have been rife with rumors about Google's plans to revamp its music service as a way to compete more aggressively with Spotify and Apple Music, now the towering figures of music streaming.

Apple chief executive Tim Cook said in a recent Bloomberg interview that the company has 50 million paid and trial subscribers on its music service, which launched in 2015 and does not have an equivalent free tier. Other countries will also receive a YouTube Music "in the coming weeks".