Former NBA star Rodman to fly to Singapore for Trump-Kim summit

Former NBA star Rodman to fly to Singapore for Trump-Kim summit

Kim, meanwhile, is pursuing a long-sought North Korean demand for a treaty that may be aimed at getting USA troops off the Korean Peninsula and, eventually, paving the way for a North Korean-led unified Korea.

The tests came amid a campaign of "maximum pressure", led by the United States, that tightened economic sanctions against North Korea and raised the possibility of military action.

"We might see a similar scale of security personnel from North Korea and safety protocols as we did in April, but they'll also have help from Singapore like special vehicles and agents", said Cho Seong-ryoul, senior research fellow at the Institute for National Security Strategy. And he memorably took the South Korean president by the hand, when they met at the border of their two countries, physically leading him back over into North.

But at least for now, the vitriol and rhetoric traded between the two leaders has ended, nuclear tensions have subsided, and diplomacy will unfold for a few days at least - a positive alternative to North Korea's latent nuclear threats to South Korea, the Pacific, and potentially the west coast of the US. I also think I'll know whether or not it will happen fast.

The president said: "I think within the first minute I'll know".

Kristof says that a diplomat once told him, "the job of leaders at a summit is to pull rabbits out of hats, and the job of the Sherpas preparing for the summit is to stuff the hats with the rabbits - and there isn't really time for that".

The US president is the first of the G7 leaders to leave the summit in Canada where he has briefed his peers on the meeting.

In his tweet, Trump seemed to suggest that Kim would have one chance to prove his seriousness about denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula, implying that North Korea has a "one-time opportunity" to seek peace with the United States.

As a result, police will make stricter checks of people and personal property and items such as public address systems and remotely piloted aircraft systems will be prohibited in the special event areas.

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The president said Saturday he has "a clear objective" for the "mission of peace" and nuclear summit in Singapore - to convince Kim to completely abandon North Korea's arsenal of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles.

The 65-year-old wants reunification to be his legacy and was elected in part on the promise of taking South Korea in that direction.

The North Korean leader wants to achieve what his father and grandfather never could - a meeting with the USA president which would, in his eyes, cement his legitimacy.

Trump, clearly eager for a summit he can sell as a success, has played into the concerns that he may find himself outmatched at the negotiating table by Kim.

"So it's one-time, it's a one-time shot, and I think it's going to work out very well".

Outside the luxury St. Regis hotel, just beyond a busy upscale shopping corridor, construction crews hoisted concrete bollards into place around the perimeter of the five-star complex where the North Korean delegation is expected to stay.

"The people know these are all lies because it's obvious". At the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in South Korea earlier this year, police dragged him out of an arena after he danced in front of North Korea's cheering squad.