‘Minecraft: Story Mode’ will become a Netflix 'interactive story'

‘Minecraft: Story Mode’ will become a Netflix 'interactive story'

With that in mind, we can assume the Stranger Things game will follow a similar model as previous Telltale games. The first title is likely to be Minecraft: Story Mode, which first launched on PC and console in 2015.

Simmer down, everyone. Netflix isn't about to stream video games.

The company then confirmed that they are now developing a game based on Stranger Things - though wider details about the game are still scarce at the moment, with console compatibility and release dates yet to be confirmed. The game developer also confirmed it will adapt Minecraft: Story Mode as a five-episode interactive narrative series coming to the service in the fall. "There's a broad spectrum of entertainment available today", the company said.

Sources also say that for telltale signs of what the product would eventually look like, one need look no further than Telltale's games on Amazon's Fire TV platform, such as The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us, which work with controls from little more than a television remote, and will ideally require no additional hardware to function fully. There was no talk of a release date for either Netflix's version of Minecraft: Story Mode or Telltale's Stranger Things game, but we'll be keeping an ear to the ground for more.

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"Stranger Things" lends itself more to a mobile gaming format, though. The company was adamant that it doesn't consider an interactive offering to be a game, but rather an extension of the cinematic experience.

The technology site TechRadar was the first to report the collaboration.

There's release timeframe available yet either; though, TechRadar cites a confidential source who stated that the game was originally meant to launch alongside Stranger Things' second season. Despite all this, Netflix has stressed that they are not venturing into the gaming industry themselves. In other words, who will be "the Netflix of video games"? No running, jumping, shooting, or climbing that would necessitate an actual video game controller.

In short, we're expecting lots of nostalgic Atari-inspired visuals, thrilling trips to the Upside Down with the gang, and a perennially worried-looking Joyce Byers thrown somewhere into the mix.