Prepare to Lift Off With the First Man Trailer

Prepare to Lift Off With the First Man Trailer

The trailer onslaught continues right up until the end of the weel, closing things out with the first look at Damien Chazelle and Ryan Gosling's reteam after La La Land, the Neil Armstrong biopic First Man.

Ryan Gosling stars as iconic astronaut Neil Armstrong in the upcoming biopic First Man, and to celebrate the movie's first trailer, he and Jimmy Kimmel chose to head to space to chat about the film. The Crown's Claire Foy co-stars alongside Gosling as his concerned wife, Janet Armstrong. It was the first ever authorized biography of Neil Armstrong, and while other books had delved into his NASA missions, Fist Man was the first book to address both his early life, and his life after NASA as well.

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The first trailer premiered Friday, June 8, timed with Ryan Gosling's appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live". She imagines her husband travelling 240,000 miles to land on the moon, telling her husband that it wasn't just another trip, adding that he isn't just "going to work". Does the poster remind you of one for Mission: Impossible as it does me? Neil Armstrong faces questions from politicians, and is even asked by his son, "Do you think you're coming back?" The film-which co-stars Claire Foy, Corey Stoll, Kyle Chandler, and Jason Clarke-is set to hit US theaters October 12.

The trailer begins with Armstrong (Ryan Gosling) entertaining the idea of becoming the first man to land on the moon.