Raccoon Scales Minnesota Skyscraper, Captivating Anxious Viewers

Raccoon Scales Minnesota Skyscraper, Captivating Anxious Viewers

The raccoon started to climb the 20-plus story UBS Tower in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota, on Tuesday, pulling a regular Tom Cruise with almost vertical climbing abilities. The raccoon then steadily ascended UBS Tower, taking the time to groom itself and lay down along the way.

Many people followed the raccoon's adventures and half a dozen Twitter accounts purporting to represent the animal were launched.

Minnesota Public Radio reporters and occupants of the building posted pictures and updates on the animal - dubbed the #MPRraccoon - as it scaled the rough surface of the skyscraper story-by-story in true Spider-Man style.

A raccoon sits on a window sill of the UBS Plaza building in St. Paul, Minnesota, U.S., June 12, 2018, in this image obtained from social media.

Onlookers and reporters tracked the raccoon's progress Tuesday as it scaled the UBS Tower.

A raccoon in Minnesota has become an unlikely social media star after scaling an office tower in the state's capital. "We're working with staff & building owner to find a way to help #MPRraccoon without further endangering it or staff by scaring or making it feel threatened", he tweeted. The law firm at the UBS building confirmed to Nelson that the raccoon has been safely caught.

Animal stuck on high-rise ledge becomes social media star

"I would be legitimately devastated if it fell", a woman told Minnesota Public Radio as she watched the raccoon's climb.

It's not unusual for raccoons to climb fairly tall trees and other structures, according to MacDonald and Jenni, though neither had heard of one climbing such a tall building before.

St Paul Animal Control have now placed a trap and some cat food on the roof, hoping to bring the raccoon down.

As night descended on St. Paul, the raccoon appeared to start climbing down, before reversing course.

The writer and director of "Guardians Of The Galaxy", which features a raccoon as one of the characters, said he'd donate $1,000 to charity for the rescue of the raccoon.

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