Uber CEO slams driver who booted lesbian couple over kiss

Uber CEO slams driver who booted lesbian couple over kiss

A lesbian couple who have been dating for two years were booted out of an Uber taxi in NY on Saturday for kissing.

Alex Iovine and her girlfriend, Emma Pichl, ordered an Uber Saturday to take them from the Gowanus neighborhood in Brooklyn to the East Village in Manhattan, they told ABC New York station WABC-TV.

"I was taking an Uber yesterday afternoon in Manhattan when my driver abruptly pulled over and kicked myself and my girlfriend out of the auto", Iovine told the New York Daily News. "At one point we leaned over and pecked kiss, very fast", Ms Pichl told The Post on Monday.

"It's illegal", the driver said after Iovine asks him why he's putting them out.

Iovine said she's aware of Uber's code of conduct, but was adamant that the two did nothing more than a quick smooch.

A 62-second video posted to YouTube by Ms Iovine titled "Uber driver kicks 2 girls out of his vehicle for being gay" shows the moments after the Uber driver booted the women. "You can't do that in the vehicle".

"You are not allowed ... it's disrespectful ... it's disrespectful".

El Boutari told the New York Daily News that the women played loud music on their phones and one put her feet on the seat.

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The CEO of Uber, Dara Khosrowshahi, issued a statement in which she said that homophobic drivers "don't belong on Uber", the Post reported in a followup article. "She thought he was joking but he yelled at us for being disrespectful and inappropriate because we pecked on the lips".

The Taxi & Limousine Commission is also investigating.

One of the outraged women then questions the driver, saying, "What are you f***ing talking about?"

"This is an open society and Uber is a platform that is available to anybody regardless of your background, your orientation, and that is sacred to us", Khosrowshahi told the NY Post. He did admit that his tolerance was shorter because the couple was a same-sex couple. Elbotari replies, "I don't give a shit".

The spokesman said: "It's 2018 in New York City, and this isn't the way we live anymore", before adding that El Boutari had committed "an unacceptable and repugnant act that will not be tolerated".

The couple said the experience opened their eyes to how pervasive prejudice can be. However, as they crossed the Manhattan Bridge, problems began.

"It was a really awful experience", she said, "and ironically occurred on a bright sunny day during pride month in NYC". "This goes to show that it can happen anywhere".