5 Second Fix vs Bondic: In-Depth Comparison Guide 2022

We had always broken things in our house. Normally we use superglue and other ordinary glues to fix them. These glues are messy and sometimes cannot repair the cracked items. I have tried many tricks and methods to repair the broken items permanently.

After a long time of experiments, I have found UV light glue, which works amazingly in repairing things permanently. 5 second fix and Bondic is the most popular and reliable UV light glue. In this article, I will present 5 Second Fix vs Bondic comparisons so that you can get the right one to repair all broken items quickly.

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Comparison Chart:

Have a look at the comparison chart below to quickly compare 5 second fix and Bondic.

Details of Product 5 Second Fix  Bondic
Liquid material Liquid plastic  Liquid adhesive
Solvent-free No Yes
Oil and acid resistance No Yes
Dry time 5 seconds Within seconds
Stick and mess-free Yes Yes
Expire Date No No
Starter Kit Yes No
User Friendly Yes Yes
Where To Buy

What is Bondic?

Bondic is the world’s first UV light glue that can repair any cracks within seconds. Its liquid adhesive formula is designed to provide long-lasting repair. The adhesive does not dry up automatically until the UV light is applied. It works on all types of surfaces.

What is Bondic

I never face sticky messes while using Bondic. The UV light glue is safe for everyone because it has no toxic elements. It can repair cracks in water, heat, and moisture. When you apply the UV light on the adhesive, the cracked part will be repaired from both sides that ensure a rock-solid layer.

What is 5 Second Fix?

5 Second Fix is a liquid UV light glue that takes 5 seconds to repair any broken items. It works on filling, sealing, and repairing methods. Also, it uses IV light to harden the liquid plastic. It ensures a permanent bond by sealing and welding cracked parts.

What is 5 Second Fix

Its liquid plastic dries up quickly, so quickly apply the UV light on it. It makes a crystal clear bond so you can sand and paint on the bond. In wet materials and extreme heat, it can repair all cracks. I have repaired glasses, jewelry, belts, metals, plastics, woods, and fabrics within 5 seconds.

Main Features of Bondic

Bondic has a wide range of features with safety. Let’s see them:

Main Features of Bondic

  • Quick and strong bond: Bondic has an advanced liquid plastic formula that creates a strong bond with the UV light. The adhesive turns into a rock-solid layer and makes a crystal clear bond.
  • No sticky messes: Most of the glues have sticky messes, which is annoying. The Bondic adhesive is not sticky. It is cured when it comes to UV light. So, everything is under your control.
  • Repair all Surfaces: Bondic can repair uneven surfaces where super glues failed. With it, you can repair wood, metal, steel, plastic, glass, leather, fabrics and more.
  • Safe to Use: Super Glue irritates our skin. Bondic has no toxic elements, and the UV light is not harmful. Anyone can freely use it. Also, it does not require heat to dry up like a glue gun.
  • Resistance: Glue and its bond damaged in water and extreme heat. Bondic performs well in water and heat conditions. So, you can repair almost everything.

Main Features of 5 Second Fix

5 Second Fix has some unique features with quick rearing. The features are mentioned below:

Main Features of 5 Second Fix

  • Fix broken Items within 5 seconds: 5 Second Fix can repair any joints within 5 seconds. It works on filling, sealing and curing methods. After applying the liquid plastic, the UV light must be applied.
  • Repair Anything: It creates a bond to any surface like plastic, wood, ceramic, metal, ceramic, steel, glass and more. There is no risk of a weak bond, so you can repair anything as you want.
  • Crystal Clear Bond: 5 Second Fix creates a crystal clear bond so you can sand and paint on the joint to give a smooth finish.
  • Heat and Water Resistance: The bond lasts at high temperature and water. Also, it is dishwasher proof and lasts a year if it is unused.
  • More than a Glue: 5 Second Fix can fix those joints where a super glue is failed. It makes a strong bond that can hold any weight without risks.

How Does Bondic Work?

Bondic works with liquid adhesive and UV light to create a strong bond within seconds. Let’s see below how does Bondic work:

How Does Bondic Work

  1. Sand the broken part to make it level.
  2. Put enough adhesive on the part.
  3. Now, apply the UV LED light to the adhesive.
  4. It will take a few seconds to harden.
  5. It repairs the joint from both sides, so you will get a strong bond.
  6. Use more adhesive and UV light if required.

When necessary, you can sand on the bond to have a smooth finish.

How Does 5 Second Fix Work?

5 Second Fix works 3 steps: Filling, curing and fixing.

How Does 5 Second Fix Work

  1. Filling: Apply the liquid plastic on the damaged part. Before applying liquid plastic, sand the surface clearly.
  2. Curing: The liquid plastic lefts in the liquid form until the UV light is applied. Apply the UV light on the broken part until the bond becomes hardened.
  3. Fixing: After filling and curing, the broken part is fixed permanently. Now, paint and sand the bond to give a good finish.

Where to Buy Bondic?

Bondic is available on the manufacturer’s website. I recommend you to get the Bondic from here. You will get the genuine product with amazing discount offers.

Where to Buy 5 Second Fix

5 Second Fix is sold on Amazon and Walmart by the manufacturer. You can get it from Amazon with originality.

5 Second Fix vs Bondic

5 Second Fix and Bondic works as a UV light glue. They have similarities and differences in features and functions. Let’s see them below:

5 Second Fix vs Bondic


  • Quick performance: 5 Second Fix and Bondic creates a strong bond within seconds. It uses UV LED light and liquid adhesive to make a concrete bond between the cracked things.
  • No sticky messes: They do not have the annoying messes. The adhesive becomes stronger when it is exposed to UV light.
  • Resistance: They create a bond and the bond lasts in extreme heat and water.
  • Safe to use: 5 Second Fix and Bondic have no toxic chemicals and the UV light is not harmful to us. So, you can apply it anywhere without any health risks.


  • Liquid material: Bondic uses an advanced liquid adhesive formula that ensures a rock-solid bond, which is extremely stronger than 5 second fix’s liquid plastic bond.

5 Second Fix vs Bondic : Which One is Better?

At the end of the 5 Second Fix vs Bondic comparison, I recommend the Bondic for the effectiveness, quick response, and stronger bond. Also, 5 Second Fix works well in repairing broken things. Bondic ensues rock-solid bond which is stronger than 5 second fix.

The bond will create when the UV light is applied over the liquid glue. The functions of the UV light glue is better than sticky and messy super glue. Also, Bondic is safe to use in all conditions. You can get the Bondic from here with big discount offers.

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